Jaisalmer! One such historical city of Rajasthan has covered beauty and ancient heritage inside itself for centuries. The beauty of this city is so popular that it hosts millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year.

Being on the India-Pakistan border, Jaisalmer also attracts a lot of tourists. Almost everyone knows about the famous forts and palaces present here and also go for a visit.

But there are many such scary forts in this city where the tourists have to think not once but ten times to go. Yes, in this article we are going to tell you about some of the haunted forts in Rajasthan. Let's know.

Khaba Fort

You must know about this fort present in Jaisalmer, if you do not know, then for your information, let us tell you that this fort is famous in Jaisalmer as well as in the whole of Rajasthan by the name of Haunted Fort.

It is said about this fort that many years ago more than 80 Paliwal Brahmins used to live there, but suddenly one night all the Brahmins left the fort and went to some other city. Many people believe that this fort was cursed by a Brahmin and that whoever stays in this fort will not survive. After this, no one lives here. Local people believe that strange noises come from here at night.

Golden Fort

The Golden Fort in Rajasthan was once considered a shining fort like gold, but today many parts of this fort have been turned into ruins. Local people believe that there are many secret rooms in this fort even today.

This world-famous fort was ruled by Rajput rulers Rawal, AlauddinKhilji and Humayun. But, many horror stories are also prevalent about this fort. Many people believe that the crying of children, old men and women keeps coming from this fort in the middle of the night.

Salim Singh Ki Haveli

Apart from Khaba Fort and Golden Fort, Salim Singh Ki Haveli is also included in Dharawani Fort. It was built around 1815 AD by Salim Singh, a short distance from the Jaisalmer Railway Station. The local people also called it the Taj Mahal of Jaisalmer, but now many people consider it a scary place too.

Yes, many people believe that many such secret rooms were built under this mansion where no one goes even today. It is said that some went to find these rooms but did not return.

Other haunted places in Jaisalmer

Apart from Khaba Fort and Golden Fort, Salim Singh Ki Haveli, located just a short distance from the main city, is considered to be the most haunted place in the city. It is believed that this village is cursed by Brahmins and due to that fear no one dares to settle here even today. Apart from this, there is a lake present from the main which is considered by many to be a scary lake.


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