Due to the instant service of the railway, many times we easily get the ticket at any time. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to get tickets on festival days. At such times it becomes very difficult to get tatkal tickets. In today's article, we are going to tell you some easy tips to book a confirmed train ticket. By following these tips, you can easily get your ticket confirmed in minutes anytime.

Select a train with a higher quota

Whenever you go to book tickets, choose the train which has more quota. This makes getting confirmed tickets much easier. In such a situation, you can easily get a confirmed ticket.

Keep logged in

You should already log in to the IRCTC site. By doing this also you will be able to book tickets within minutes as soon as the tickets go live. Sometimes a little carelessness and our ticket will not get booked. In this case, you should keep logging in beforehand.

Set quota

Senior citizen quota is given to male passengers above 60 years or female passengers above 58 years. Even then you can easily get confirmed seats. For this quota, the passenger will have to submit his berth or senior citizen certificate. In such a situation, if you want, you can easily get a confirmed ticket.

Tatkal ticket booking has become a big thing. This is because the population of India is increasing day by day. In such a situation, many times when we book Tatkal tickets and go to the payment option, all the seats get full by then. At such a time, you should keep the full details of the payment in advance.

Pic Credit: Freepik