Indian Railways sends a large number of trains daily from one place to another, so that the passenger can reach their destination easily. There is hardly anyone who does not like to travel by train. Here you get things like catering facilities, and toilet arrangements apart from comfort seats. In such a situation, you have to take a ticket and then you can easily travel by train. But here you also have to take care of some things. If you make some mistakes while traveling on the train due to which your co-passengers are in trouble, then you can be fined by the railways. So let's know what are these things that you should not do on the train. You can learn about this in the next slides...

Do not do these mistakes on the train: -
First mistake

Keep in mind that you cannot talk fast on the train at night. Many people start talking loudly to their friends, co-travelers, or someone on a mobile phone, but if you do this at night then you can be fined.

Second mistake
You cannot listen to loud music on mobile or speaker at night while traveling on a train. If you are hurting someone by doing this, then you may be in trouble. So avoid doing this.

Third mistake
People sleep on the train during their journey at night. At the same time, many people keep the lights on at night but do not do this because if your lighting the lights are causing trouble to any passenger, then you cannot do so.

May be fined
If you do any of the things mentioned above and if someone complains to TTE, then in such a situation TTE will first explain to you. But when you don't agree then RPF and GRP can deduct your challan. At the same time, action can also be taken under section 145.

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