Apart from hands and feet, there is also the hair on the face. Face bleach is done to hide these hairs. Apart from this, there is also wax. However, you may have to bear the pain of this.

Makeup is one such thing which can make the face look slimmer than fat. It works to hide dark circles, pimple marks etc. on the face. Next time whenever you have to go to a party or function and hair starts appearing on your face, you should resort to makeup.

You can cover unwanted facial hair with the help of makeup. For this, you just have to follow some basic steps. Do you want to know the right way to do makeup to hide facial hair, then definitely read this article till the end?

Step 1

To hide unwanted facial hair, first, use a primer. Applying a primer makes your face smooth, which makes it easier to apply makeup. Primer also protects you from damage caused by chemical products. If you do not use primer then it will not make your look flawless.


The second step is to apply foundation on the face. Due to having facial hair, you have to blend the foundation well. In the area of ​​the face where the hair is easily visible, you have to apply a little more foundation than needed. Keep in mind that you have to blend the foundation well in the direction of hair growth.


Not only can you hide dark spots and circles with concealer. It can be used to cover facial hair. Apply concealer to the high points of the face, such as the top of the nose, cheekbones, and the centre of the forehead.


Contouring changes the face look, but the condition is that you know how to do it correctly. Contouring the jawline and cheekbones will make your face appear slimmer. Also, it prevents facial hair from forming a shadow on your face. You should buy a contour that you can wear daily.


You have applied too much foundation on the skin to hide facial hair. In this case, your makeup look may look cakey and oily. For this not to happen, you should use compact powder.


You want that no one should notice your facial hair, for this, you should apply blush. You can use peach and rose shades of blusher. Apply blush on the cheeks and brush it well. Try to use a creamy blusher instead of powder. This type of blush gets easily absorbed into the skin and is long-lasting.


The last step is to highlight the face. Apply the highlighter on the cheekbones in an upward motion. Now highlight the tip of the nose and the cupid's bow.

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