Herbs For Thick Hair: Although every human being desires strong and thick hair if a woman's hair becomes weak and starts falling, then it causes a lot of problems in her marriage. Dust, soil, pollution, and hot winds can be responsible for this, but if you do not keep the diet right, then there will be no special benefit to keeping the hair covered. India's famous nutrition expert Nikhil Vats told that if some herbs are adopted, the thickness of the hair can increase and then people will start calling you Mallika of beautiful hair.

Eat these 8 herbs for strong hair
1. Hibiscus
Drinking hibiscus tea nourishes the hair internally and increases blood circulation around the scalp, which increases the thickness of the hair.

2. Peppermint
Chewing mint leaves improves hair growth and gets rid of hair fall problems.

3. Rosemary
You can prepare rosemary oil at home. If applied to the hair and scalp, the blood flow around the roots will increase, which is responsible for good growth.

4. Lavender
If you drink lavender tea, then it will bring back the moisture in the hair, it will also increase the shine of the hair and hair growth will also improve miraculously.