We quickly take the help of Google Baba to search the Internet, but do you know how much Google earns from your one click? According to the data of Nidhi Stock Exchange, from January to March this year i.e. if we talk about three months, Google has earned a total of Rs 5.77 lakh crore in the meantime.

Google earns the most from advertising search, which is 57.8 percent of its earnings. Google has earned 3.35 lakh crores from advertising searches. Google earns 10.7 percent from Google Cloud and Adsense. That is, Google has earned Rs 126 thousand crore from both.

Google earns 9.6 percent of its revenue from YouTube. In three months, Google has earned 56 thousand crores from YouTube. Google earns 10.6 percent of Google revenue from the Play Store. 62 thousand crore rupees have been earned from this in three months. On the other hand, Google has earned Rs 4,000 crore from other sources.

(pc amarujala)