In the summer season, when the rising temperature and profuse sweating increase the difficulties of people, on the other hand, cold beverages and cold things refresh the whole body. So let's know about one such drink, Amrakhand.

Material :
Mango pieces, curd, pistachios, cashews, almonds (chopped), sugar powder

Method :
- The most important thing for this is curd chatta, to make which fresh curd should be taken, which should not be too sour, and put it in a thin-soft cotton cloth overnight and keep it inside the fridge by placing it on a strainer.

Now put the curd chatta in a utensil and add medium-sized mangoes after grinding them in a mixie and filtering them. Then add powdered sugar as per taste. Now beat it well.

In the last, we will put mango pieces in it. Then put some pieces of mango, pistachio, chopped pieces of cashew-almond, etc. on it and keep it in the fridge for two-three hours and then serve it cold.