There are many food items in your kitchen which can spoil quickly if not stored properly. Some food items easily get infected with insects. These small insects spoil the food items. If we take the matter of semolina only, keeping semolina or rava for a long time leads to insects getting inside it. Due to small white-colored insects, semolina is no longer edible. Semolina gets spoiled due to keeping it open, exposure to moisture, etc. When it becomes infested with insects and is no longer edible, women consider it right to throw away the insect-infested semolina. This causes a loss of both your money and goods. However, semolina can be cleaned and used after removing its worms. There are some home remedies to clean the insects stuck in semolina, which you can try and use semolina. Let us know such easy kitchen remedies that will keep the semolina clean and help in warding off insects.

Keep semolina in the sun
If there are white-colored insects in the semolina, then first filter the semolina thoroughly with the help of a sieve. Then keep it in the sun for some time. By doing this, the first time the worms will be removed from the semolina through the sieve itself, the remaining ones will be removed when sunlight falls. Keep in mind that after keeping the semolina in the sun, keep stirring it with your hands in between so that the insects come out. After that, sieve the semolina once again through a sieve.

Place neem leaves in semolina
Semolina is kept well in an airtight container in the kitchen, but if insects start infesting the rava, then add neem leaves to the semolina. For this, clean 10-12 neem leaves and keep them in semolina. Keep in mind that there is no water in the neem leaves and they should be dry. In about half an hour the semolina insects will run away because of the neem. Filter and use.

Use camphor
Camphor helps eliminate many types of insects. Use camphor also to remove insects from semolina. For this, take semolina in a vessel and spread a newspaper on it. Put three to four pieces of camphor on the newspaper. The insects will run away from the lump of camphor in about half an hour. Then you can use semolina by sifting it through a sieve.

Tips to store semolina
Everyone knows that semolina spoils quickly. But why does this happen? Insects appear in semolina due to not storing it properly. In such a situation, there are some tips to keep semolina for long-term use.
-First of all, the lid of the box in which the semolina is kept should be completely tight.
-Keep semolina in an air-tight jar or container made of glass only.
Note- If even after trying these tips, worms do not come out of semolina, then do not use it.