WhatsApp brings many features to its customers, one of which is screen sharing, which was introduced in 2023. This functionality works similarly to Zoom or Microsoft Teams, allowing you to share the screen of your phone or computer during a video call.

Whether you're working on a project, giving a presentation, or just showing some pictures, screen sharing adds a new dimension to your WhatsApp video call. Here we will learn how you can use this feature on a desktop.

Sharing your screen on a desktop

Let us tell you that using screen share on both mobile and desktop devices is very easy. However, in the desktop app, you can only use it in Windows. Apart from this, screen sharing is only available on the WhatsApp desktop app, it does not currently work on WhatsApp Web.

First open WhatsApp on the desktop.

Now start a video call with your contact.

Click on the Share icon within the call window.

Now choose the screen sharing option whether you want to share your entire screen or a specific application window.

Now you may see a confirmation window. Click on Start to start sharing.

To stop sharing, go back to the WhatsApp desktop app and click on the Stop Sharing icon.

By following these simple steps, you can unlock the screen-sharing potential on WhatsApp and improve your video call experience.

Secure sharing with end-to-end encryption
The good thing is that your privacy is given priority in this. Neither WhatsApp nor anyone else can stop or see the screen sharing.

Screen sharing also gives you the facility of end-to-end encryption so that whatever you share on your screen remains between you and the call participant.

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