Sattu Ke Laddu Recipe: You must be eating Sattu often in one way or the other. Sometimes you must have tasted the taste of litti filled with sattu and sometimes you must have also enjoyed sattu paratha and sherbet. But have you ever tasted Sattu laddoos? Please tell us that Sattu Ke Laddu is very tasty to eat. Also, the recipe to make them is very easy and they can be prepared in minutes. Along with this, sattu laddoos are considered very beneficial for health. This is because Sattu laddoos are rich in nutrients like carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and sodium. So let's know about the recipe for making Sattu Laddu.

Ingredients for making Sattu laddoos
To make sattu laddoos, take sattu-200 grams, of jaggery or powdered sugar-150 grams, ghee-100 grams, cardamom powder-one teaspoon, three-four teaspoons of dry fruits.

Recipe for making sattu laddoos
To make Sattu laddoos, first of all, put a pan on the gas and put ghee in it. Then when the ghee melts, put the sattu in the pan and fry it on low flame. When it turns golden and aroma starts coming from it, then turn off the gas. Now keep the sattu aside to cool down and cut all the dry fruits and fry them as well.

Now mix dry fruits in Sattu, as well as add powdered sugar and cardamom powder. Then mix the sattu well with a spoon and make laddoos with the help of your hands. If the laddoos start breaking while making them, then you can use water on your palm. Not only this, but if you do not want to use powdered sugar. So you can easily make laddoos by making sugar syrup and mixing sattu in it.
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