If you are in a relationship for a long time, then some important things must be kept in mind to maintain freshness in it. For example, always make your partner feel that they are the most special to you. For this, you take out time for them and both of them must go on a date night one day in the week. If your partner does even a small thing for you, do not forget to thank him.

While living together, many times people start taking their partner for granted and start treating them like other family members or friends. This is a good thing, but if you do not keep your relationship special, then it will make your life boring. That's why always give special treatment to your partner and keep giving them surprises etc.

The problem of many married people is that there is no topic left for them to talk about. This situation is dangerous and makes the relationship boring. That's why it would be better that you ask questions and if nothing else, ask questions only on things related to office, home, relative, neighbor or movie review, etc. With this, communication will be maintained and there will be freshness in your relationship.

While being in a relationship for a long time, many times we get caught up in those things which work to create distance between the couples and the distant relationship makes the freshness disappear somewhere. That's why to ignore small quarrels and appreciate each other's things that you like about them.

If your children are small then it would be better if you take a break from the children once a week. For this, you either arrange a babysitter or take the help of your grandmother. For a whole day, do something that both of you have always liked to do. Go on long drives together, use public transport, watch movies, go on dates, and just reminisce and enjoy in the meantime

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