Ramadan 2023: The month of Ramadan is very sacred for the Muslim community. During this, fasting is kept for a month. Allah is worshipped by fasting. This month begins after sighting the moon. People congratulate each other on Ramadan. During Ramzan, fasting begins with Sehri. Wherein the fast is opened with Iftar. Diabetes patients keep fast, so they need to take special care of their health. During this, the patient with diabetes should keep checking the blood sugar level from time to time. Such foods should be included in Sehri which keeps the blood sugar level under control. Foods with high sugar should be avoided during fasting. Let's know what things should be kept in mind while fasting a diabetic patient.

Have a good sleep
Get good sleep during Raje. Do not compromise with sleep. This can prove to be harmful to your health. For this, take 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily. Get up about an hour before Sehri. After getting fresh, you can take it quietly. With this, you will not have to face digestion-related problems.

Stay hydrated
Keep yourself hydrated before and after fasting. During this time, you can include lemon water, buttermilk, watermelon and fresh fruit juice and many other things in the diet. This will make you feel fresh. These drinks will also help in keeping you hydrated. Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks.

Probiotics foods
You can include probiotics foods in the diet. These foods include curd and buttermilk etc. These foods contain good bacteria. They work to keep your digestive system healthy. They work to save you from many problems related to digestion.

Salty and sweet
Such foods should not be included in urban. In which there is a lot of salt, spices and sugar. Include fruits, vegetables, whole grain bread, pulses, protein, milk and juice etc. in Sehri. During this, take a balanced diet.