Pyjama is such a bottom wear, which is considered very comfortable. This is the reason why we all love adding pyjamas to our wardrobes. However, most people see pyjamas as nightwear. While it can be styled in many other ways as well. Indeed, you cannot carry pyjamas to the party, but there is also a truth that it is not limited to night wear only.

If you want to be experimental with your look. Also, if you want to make your style comfortable, then you can carry different upper wear with pyjamas. So, today in this article, we are telling you in what different ways you can style the pyjama-

Style with high neck top

If you are going out in the daytime and want a relaxing look, then style the high-neck top with pyjamas. You can make your look stylish by carrying a high-neck crop top with pyjamas. You can also carry sneakers and caps as accessories to give a sporty touch to your look.

Style it with a basic white T-shirt

This is a very comfortable look, which you can easily carry in casuals. For this, style the white t-shirt with printed pyjamas. It is a basic style, but it never goes out of fashion. If you are going for an outing in the daytime, then carry sneakers with a white t-shirt and pyjamas.

Create a monochrome look

Styling a monochrome look with it is also a good option when you are carrying pyjamas. You can carry this look in this way from daytime to evening and night look. You can wear printed pyjamas to enhance your look. From polka dot to floral, you can style polka dot and abstract prints. It gives you a cool look. Apart from this, solid colour pyjama with a shirt also looks very nice.

Wear a semi-formal look

You might find it strange to hear, but pyjamas can also be carried in a semi-formal look. However, for this, you have to change your look a bit. For this, style the shirt with plain basic white or black pyjamas. To give a semi-formal touch to your look, pair a matching blazer with pyjamas. You can style the heels with the outfit to complement your style.

Wear a tank top with pyjamas

The tank top look also looks great with pyjamas. In this look, style a basic white or black tank top with printed pyjamas. This is a very relaxed look, which can be styled from casuals to outings.

So now you too can style your pyjamas in these different ways and experiment with a new look every time.

Image Credit- freepik, instagram


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