The smartphone is the only gadget that stays with the user all the time. The user takes his smartphone with him wherever he goes. In this case, the user can be tracked through his phone number.

The smartphone is being used by every user today. Due to the increase in utility of this small gadget in many works, its use has increased. Earlier, where the phone was used for calling, with the development of technology, the smartphone has become useful for everything from Google search.

If it is a matter of tracking someone's location, then this device can do this work in a better way. This little gadget is the only thing that stays with any user all the time. That is, wherever the user goes, he takes his smartphone with him. In such a situation, it is not a difficult task to get the information of any user through GPS and location features.

Who can track the user by mobile number

Although it is possible to track a person through a mobile number, it is not easy to do this work. Unless the smartphone user himself gives information about his location, it is a bit difficult to track him, but in cases where the smartphone user is involved in a crime, the police can track the person. At the same time, doing so for the common people does not come under the purview of the law. If this is done, legal action can be taken against you.

This is how police do tracking

The right to tracking through mobile numbers is with the police and the phone track security agency. For this, the police of any area contact the telecom company. For this process, the IMEI number of the user's smartphone is tracked.

Phone track security agencies or police are informed by the telecom company by tracking the phone of the concerned person and informing about his tower location, after which it becomes possible to reach the user.