Omicrom Symptoms: A new variant of Corona Virus, Omicron Variant, has spread worldwide.

Scientists are constantly getting new information about this variant. The WHO has already warned that the omecron spreads faster than any other variant of the corona virus. Cases are likely to escalate further without attention to symptoms, experts said. This is because health experts are advising people not to ignore any of the symptoms. Doctors have reported an unusual symptom of omecron, which people usually do not pay attention to.

What is the symptom?

The most common symptoms of corona are tingling, odor, fever, sore throat and body aches. These symptoms are not present in every omecron patient. Based on the data so far, the scientists said that only 50% of corona patients experience less fever, cough and test-odor. A special symptom is definitely found in most of the patients with Omycron and that is loss of appetite. If you do not feel hungry along with some other symptoms, you should definitely see a doctor or an expert. Then test the covid.

Omicron cases in India

There have been 1,700 cases of omecron in India so far. In India, meanwhile, there is no clear evidence of the rate of infection, immunodeficiency and severity of omecron infection. INSACOG said in its bulletin that the Delta variant is still a matter of concern. Similarly, omicron is spreading rapidly.

INSACOG said: "Cases continue to grow in South Africa. However, the number of hospital admissions is low. Genome sequencing in the UK has shown an increase in omicron cases due to S-gene target failure. This will allow the Delta to expand rapidly. "

Effect of vaccine on omicron

The central government said there was no evidence that the current vaccine would not be effective on the Omaicron variant. The vaccine enhances antibody and cellular immunity, which provides better protection. Therefore, there is strong evidence that the vaccine protects against serious illness. Therefore, everyone should take two doses of the vaccine regularly.