Summer season is going on and as soon as this season arrives, people start getting troubled by the burning heat. People rarely go out of their homes during the day and send themselves or their children out only when necessary. There are many problems in the summer season, one of which is mosquitoes. Actually, in this season, mosquitoes breed inside and outside the house and bite. Mosquito bites can even cause diseases like dengue. Therefore, it becomes important to avoid the attack of these mosquitoes. People adopt many methods for this, but sometimes these things do not work. In such a situation, you can know some methods here, which may help you in driving away mosquitoes. So let us know what are these methods...

These methods can be useful to ward off mosquitoes:-
Neem leaves

Neem leaves can be useful to drive away or kill mosquitoes. When Neem burns, an odor comes out, which repels mosquitoes. You have to burn neem leaves and smoke them, after which these mosquitoes run away.

By burning camphor
The smell of camphor can irritate mosquitoes, as it is very strong. All you have to do is take some camphor and burn it in some corner of the house. By doing this all the mosquitoes in the house die. Just keep in mind that during this time, close the windows and doors of the house properly and go out.

Egg crate
If there are many mosquitoes around you, egg crates can help you in getting rid of them. You have to burn the egg crate and make smoke. Due to this, the mosquitoes present around you run away.

Cold oil
If there are mosquitoes in your house or you get bitten by mosquitoes outside the house, then you can apply cold oil on your body. Mosquitoes do not like the smell of cold oil, due to which they do not come near you.