Apart from being the capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai is also the financial capital of India. But the city of Mumbai is known for its expensive lifestyle. There is a general belief about Mumbai that this city never sleeps. In response to this, people say that they do not have time to sleep. But why is Mumbai so expensive after all? Let us clear this doubt of yours.

Mercer has released its survey report for the year 2022 regarding the Cost of Living Index. In this report, Mumbai has been given the status of India's most expensive city. Well, there are reasons for Mumbai being such an expensive city. Mumbai ranks 127th in the global list of the world's most expensive cities and ranks first in India.

There are many things in the cost of living in any city of the world. It includes more than 200 factors including real estate, transport, food, clothing and entertainment.

Mumbai is also called the City of Dreams because people come here from far and wide to fulfil their dreams. The headquarters of Reliance Industry, Stock Market, Tata and Birla Group, and Reserve Bank of India are present in Mumbai. Due to these reasons, Mumbai is considered an expensive city.

Apart from this, Mumbai is home to one of the largest Hindi film industries in the world. With a net worth of over 100 million, Mumbai is home to many of the biggest actors and actresses not only in India but also in the world.