We are telling such a recipe to make Mango Ice Cream, in which you will neither have to burn the milk for a long time nor will it require much ingredients. Here is the easy recipe of No Cooking Mango Ice Cream-The ice cream making videos on YouTube look very easy to watch but when you make and test ice cream, it does not taste like the ice cream like the market. Today we are telling you such a recipe for making mango ice cream, in which neither you have to thicken the milk by burning nor do you need to bring expensive things, but you can make this no cooking ice cream very easily.
Ingredients for making Mango Ice Cream-
milk powder
condensed milk
Vanilla EssenceHow to make Mango Ice Cream-
Firstly peel the mango and cut it into pieces. Now take it in a mixer jar, add four spoons of cream, two spoons of milk powder, half a glass of milk and sugar as per taste and grind it well. You have to take care that you do not add too much sugar to it because you are sweet and milk powder also has sweetness. You can also add condensed milk instead of sugar. This will add sweetness to it itself. Now grind it well. After grinding it, you have to take it in an ice cream setting mould and remove the ice cream. If you want, you can also put mango pieces on it. This will make it taste even better. At the same time, try not to add dry fruits to it as it will suppress the taste of mango, so add mangoes to it. Now add vanilla essence and keep this ice cream overnight or for 5-6 hours to set. Serve after setting.