Not giving priority to husband

There is always turmoil in life but it is important to keep some things on priority. After having a child, many women are not able to give time to their husbands, which creates distance in the relationship. In such situations, sometimes the situation becomes so bad that the husband decides to get a divorce.

Don't talk

Lack of communication in a relationship is the biggest mistake. Not talking openly to your partner , not understanding his/her thoughts, and not sharing the problems of everyday life – all these things increase the distance in the relationship. In this situation, men start looking for their emotional support outside the home, and sometimes this turns into an extra marital affair and brings them to the threshold of divorce.


The foundation of every relationship rests on respect. If you make fun of your partner, it creates bitterness in the relationship. It cannot be denied that we live in a patriarchal society , where if the wife does not respect the man, he has no respect in the society. In such situations, men often decide to get divorced.

Complain all the time

Not only for men but also for women, it becomes difficult to live in a relationship where his efforts are ignored and only complaints are made. There is no doubt that most men lose interest in their wives just because they complain about everything.

lack of romance

To keep the relationship between husband and wife strong, it is very important to have romance between them. It does not just involve physical relations but it is the small flirting skills that never let your relationship go down. In such a situation, if you are not romancing your husband, then the chances of divorce may increase between you.

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