Japan Destinations: When you plan to travel, what kind of place do you like to choose? It means to say that do you like the beach or the view of the high mountains? You have probably answered this question many times. Sometimes our mood is to spend moments of peace in the mountains, and sometimes we get peace on the seashore. When the waves of water come out touching your feet, you completely forget the run-of-the-mill life. On the other hand, the snow-capped mountains refresh your heart. Today we are telling about 5 such places in Japan which will not only make you relaxed, but you will remember this trip for a lifetime.

1. Kawazuzakura
Kawazuzakura is a special type of cherry blossom flower that can be seen in the Kawazu region of Shizuoka Prefecture. It is known as an early-blooming cherry blossom, and its beautiful flowers start blooming in early February. The petals of this flower are big, and their color is dark pink. There are about 800 cherry blossom trees on the banks of the river, which bloom during this season.

2. Huis Ten Bosch
Huis Ten Bosch is the most popular theme park in Japan. It is located in the Kyushu region of Nagasaki province, which is visited by about 3 million tourists every year. The buildings here are built in the Western style, based on the urban landscape of the Netherlands in the 17th century. The park's name means "forest house" in Dutch. An 8 km long river flows through the center of the park, along which houses and other buildings are built. In spring the park is covered with beautiful flowers and plants.

3. Hokkaido Beach
Last year, a beautiful picture of the beach where a person was walking on the sand of the sea, but on the other side there was a mountain of snow, went viral. Yes, it is a place where there are mountains as well as the sea. The name of this place is Hokkaido Beach, which is in Japan. A photographer named Hisa shared this photo on Instagram last year. If online users are to be believed, then this picture is from UNESCO Global Geopark. Which is in the western part of Japan. It stretches from the western Hakuto Kaigan coast in Tottori to the eastern Kyogamisaki Cape in Kyoto.

4. Isumi Railway
The Isumi Railway is a 26.8 km long railway line located on the east side of the Bōsō Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture. Since its opening in 1988, it connects Ohara Station to Kazusa Nakano Station, making the journey extremely peaceful. On this journey, you can enjoy the view of the beautiful countryside landscape. However, people travel on this train only to see these beautiful views. The beautiful yellow-colored flowers start blooming from March to early April.

5. Kawachi Wisteria Garden
If you want to enjoy other flowers besides cherry blossom flowers in spring, then you must visit Kawachi Wisteria Garden. Here you will find views covered with thousands of wisteria flowers. It comes in purple, white, and pink colors, which look gorgeous together. The 100-meter Wisteria Cave will take you to a magical world, where you can take many memorable photos with these beautiful flowers.