People who want a good job start preparations long before. Before the interview, people prepare for the questions that can be asked of them. Many people are also confused about the outfits to give a good impression. We try to take care of many such things so that during the interview, they get a good impression of the person in front. But many times they make some such mistakes related to body language which prove to be very bad for them.

Because of this, a very bad impression goes on the interviewer as well. Do you know what are those mistakes related to body language? Let's find out here.

Weak handshake and not making eye contact
A firm handshake is a powerful and positive body language gesture. But if you do not handshake properly then it has a very bad effect on your personality. Along with this, take care of hygiene as well. If there is sweat on your hand then you do a handshake then it shows your nervousness. Along with this, it also has a very bad effect on the person in front. Sometimes due to nervousness, we are unable to even make eye contact. Avoid doing this too.

Bad sitting posture
When someone takes your interview, sit straight in front of him. Don't sit cross-legged in front of them. This also gives a very bad impression to the person in front. That's why don't do this. Sitting in a straight posture gives a defensive impression to the person in front of you.

Cross arms
Another mistake related to body language is crossed arms. This is a bossy gesture. This shows a negative attitude of yours. You appear arrogant. Avoid doing this. Place your palm on the thigh. This shows your honesty.

Cross hands
Ace touch
Many people have a habit of repeatedly touching their face, hair, clothes and jewellery. Do not do this during the interview even by mistake. This is a negative body language gesture. Such mistakes related to body language can also become the reason for your failure. That's why don't do this.