A large network of Indian Railways is spread across the country. For this reason, Indian Railways is also called the lifeline of the nation. Thousands of trains run across the country every day, in which crores of passengers travel. There are many interesting things related to Indian Railways, about which you would hardly know. In this series, today we are going to tell you about one such interesting railway station of Indian Railways. Do you know that there is such a railway station in India, where trains stand in two districts at the same time? Very few people would know about this unique railway station of India. Today through this news we are going to tell you about this railway station. Let us know about it in detail -

This unique railway station of India is located in Kanpur village of Uttar Pradesh. The name of this railway station is Kanchausi. Half of this station is in Kanpur Dehat and half in Auraiya district.

In such a situation, whenever a train comes and stops at this station. In such a situation, that train stops in two districts at the same time. Kanchausi Railway Station is popular due to its unique features.

Kanchausi railway station is situated on the Delhi Howrah railway route. Initially, no express train stopped here. Only a few passenger trains had stoppages here.

However, later Farakka Express also made a stop here. The construction of the Farakka Express stop has provided a lot of help to the people nearby. They can now come to big cities through this train.
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