There are many such ingredients in Indian food which increase our digestive power and reduce the problem of gas etc., but many times it happens that our lifestyle becomes such that due to which the problem of digestion starts. Nowadays, we keep sitting in only one place, as a result of which many problems start happening in the body. One of the biggest problems is flatulence i.e. the problem of bloating.

You may not have noticed, but bloating can cause a lot of trouble where not only can abdominal pain and cramps occur, but its persistence can also lead to gas and water retention but if this is happening, then how to reduce flatulence quickly?

Ayurvedic doctor DikshaBhavsar has shared important information related to this on her Instagram account. He has told that what causes the problem of bloating and what are the ways to get rid of it instantly.

What can cause bloating?

The biggest reason for bloating is the poor lifestyle and eating habits. All these reasons can be responsible for this-

  • Eating too quickly (swallowing food without chewing it properly)
  • eat without hunger
  • eating after 9 pm
  • Excessive raw food (raw food is not digested properly due to poor gut health)
  • Taking excessive stress, eating during stress
  • spoiled or stale food
  • eating more than what the body needs

Our eating habits can determine to a large extent whether we will have problems with digestion or not. Try to eat fresh food, eat light and easily digestible food. Eating in a hurry is not good. While eating food, we should take care of all our senses and not just look at the tongue.

When you are eating food, do not think anything else, eating while watching TV, eating while talking too much is all wrong.

Ways to reduce bloating

Dr. Diksha has given three ways by which the problem of bloating can be reduced.

Chewing Method-

You can eat roasted fennel after every meal to reduce bloating. This will give a lot of relief to your stomach.

Drinking method-

  • Drink mint water while sipping your head throughout the day.
  • Apart from this, you can drink cardamom water after 1 hour of every meal.
  • You can drink tea with coriander, cumin, and fennel thrice a day.
  • Keep in mind that drinking too much water also causes flatulence, so do not drink a lot of water at a time.

Swallowing method-

You can swallow half a teaspoon of carom seeds to cure flatulence. Along with this, you also take a pinch of rock salt and a pinch of asafoetida. You can take it with warm water and take it at least 45 minutes after a meal.

Try not to have too much heavy food and not to have a very late dinner.

Reducing reoccurring bloating

If you are having frequent bloating problems and it is due to any intestinal problem like irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, constipation or any kind of hormonal imbalance, obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, etc. You should adopt any recipe only after consulting with it. If you have any health-related problem, then only the doctor will be able to tell its treatment.

Try to get to the root of the problem and along with it, the right lifestyle is also important like sleep, exercise, stress management, etc.