Everyone desires to have young and glowing skin. In such a situation, Vitamin C is a source that provides many benefits to your skin. That's why we have come up with a method to make Vitamin C serum for you. This serum is made by adding glycerine. That's why using this serum keeps your skin deeply nourished, due to which your skin remains hydrated. Apart from this, it keeps the skin young and glowing for a long time, so let us know (How To Make Vitamin C Serum) the method of making Vitamin C serum.....

Essential ingredients for making Vitamin C serum-
Glycerin 1 tsp
Vitamin C powder 1/4 tsp
Distilled water 2 tbsp
Vitamin E capsule A

How to make Vitamin C Serum? (How To Make Vitamin C Serum)
To make Vitamin C serum, first of all, take a bowl.
Then you add vitamin C powder and distilled water to it.
After this, mix these two well.
Then you put glycerine and vitamin E capsule in it by puncturing it.
After this, mix it well once more.
Now your Vitamin C serum is ready.
Then you fill it in a glass container.

After this, you keep it in a cool and dark place.
With its regular use, your skin remains glowing.