Homestay vs Hotel: You will often hear the name of homestay. Some people think that maybe it is the same as a hotel and apart from this there is confusion in the minds of people regarding hotels and homestays. But there is a lot of difference between homestay and hotel. Now you must be wondering which of the two is right for you. You can detect this when you know the difference between these two properly. Let us know what are homestays and hotels and what is the difference between them.

The biggest difference between homestay and hotel

The biggest difference between a hotel and a homestay is that you are served food in hotels. Apart from this, other services are also provided, such as housekeeping services, front desk reception, security, room service, and many more facilities. At the same time, other facilities are also present in the hotel, such as a pool, fitness center, and restaurant. You often get 24-hour check-in at hotels.

Whereas in a homestay you will have a clean place/apartment, clean sheets, towels, soap, and usually coffee and tea-making facilities. In a homestay, you have access to the entire apartment. If the owner doesn't want you to have tea or coffee, sugar, pots, or pans to use, they won't give it. But most of the time it is available. Overall it is like a home away from home for you.

Check in
Another difference between a hotel and a homestay is that you have standard check-in and check-out times in a hotel, and it becomes sometimes more convenient to go to the front desk for these services.

Whereas in homestays, you have to arrange for the keys to be picked up, or else they give you a code for a lock box where you get a key. To return the keys, you either need to meet with the manager directly or are sometimes asked to drop the keys in the mailbox.

The other advantage of homestays is that they are generally cheaper than a hotel. However, sometimes homestays can be costlier than a hotel. But this is not usually seen. Homestays are a better deal for a family who needs to book larger or multiple rooms to spend time with the whole family. A homestay is also good for couples or friends traveling in a group.

Home cooked food
You get almost the same menu and dishes in the hotel, which you can get anywhere. Also, they are very expensive and unhealthy.

On the other hand, another obvious advantage of a homestay is that you get home-cooked food. In some homestays, the owners of the house are also already living and in this way, you get a chance to enjoy the local food there. At the same time, in some hosts, you are given by making arrangements for cooking yourself.

Local experience
The advantage of a homestay is that you have a more authentic stay experience. In a unique house or apartment block, you can see among real neighbors how they live, where they shop, where they go to the park, and where their school is. This way you get to see local life up close on your trip.
At the same time, in the closed rooms of the hotel, you can only enjoy the outdoor view or the tourist spot.

Be it a hotel or a homestay, it is your responsibility to be aware of your surroundings.