Nowadays, due to a bad lifestyle and disturbances in food, the cases of heart attack are increasing rapidly. Earlier it was believed that this danger is only for people above 50 years of age, but nowadays cases of heart attack are being seen in youths up to 18 years of age. Today we tell you about many such misconceptions related to heart attacks, the sooner you remove them, the better it will be for your health.

Misinformation About Heart Health
Heart protection from diabetes medicine

The problem of diabetes and heart attack are related to each other but are different problems. Having diabetes also increases the risk of a heart attack. Despite this, the use of diabetes medicine does not protect from heart attacks. In such a situation, if you have any heart problem, then you should consult a specialist doctor and take only heart medicine.

A small heart attack is not life-threatening
Many people believe (Misinformation About Heart Health) that there is no danger from a minor heart attack. Such thinking is not correct. A heart attack is just a heart attack. It cannot be counted as a small or big heart attack. Therefore, whenever a heart attack occurs, one should always follow his advice after getting treatment from a specialist doctor immediately.

Only chest pain is a sign of heart disease
Usually, when a heart attack (Misinformation About Heart Health) comes, there is severe pain in the chest and suffocation in breathing. But these symptoms don't need to be always visible. Sometimes there is no pain in the chest, but cramps start in the neck or jaw. At the same time, there is no feeling of pain anywhere in the body. Despite this, a heart attack comes. That's why always be alert and keep getting yourself checked in between.

It is okay to get tested only after 40
Many people say that often the risk of heart attack starts only after 40 years. That's why there is no special benefit to getting the heart checked before 40. This is wrong thinking. According to a study, cholesterol testing should be started from the age of 20 in today's era. As soon as cholesterol is seen increasing in the body, treatment should be started immediately by meeting a specialist doctor.

Benefits of boiled food for heart problems
When someone starts having a heart problem (Misinformation About Heart Health), people often advise him to eat boiled food. It is forbidden to eat things containing salt, spices, and oil. According to doctors, after the onset of heart disease, it is good for health to reduce the use of fried things, but it is also not right to eat only boiled food. Due to this, other problems start in the body.