Vastu Tips: The career and business of working women are also affected due to Vastu defects. This stops their progress. Despite lakhs of efforts, women only face failure. Besides, there are always troubles in career and business. Overall, his life remains a struggle. If you are also a working woman and want to get success in your career, then definitely do these Vastu remedies. By doing these measures, you can get the desired job. At the same time, there is progress in business as well. Let's know-

Working or business women should never wash their hair before sleeping at night. If women wash their hair at night, then there is a Vastu defect in the house. This hinders career and business.

Working women should worship Tulsi after taking bath daily to get progress in their careers and business. At this time offer water to the Tulsi plant. At the same time, perform Tulsi Aarti in the evening. It is said that performing Tulsi Aarti daily brings happiness and prosperity to the house.

One thing must be kept in mind at the time of house construction the door of the bedroom should open in the south direction. According to Vastu Shastra, opening the main door and bedroom door in the south direction is auspicious for women.

If you are a working woman and you are not getting the desired success, then once a week, before going to bed at night, put some black salt on the paper in the room. The next morning throw the salt at a crossroads without informing anyone. By doing this remedy Vastu Dosh is removed.

- If you want to progress in your career and business, then keep a vessel mixed with a little salt in a vessel at night at the main door of the house. The next morning throw the water at a crossroads. By doing this remedy Vastu Dosh is removed. Along with this, the economic condition also becomes strong.

Working women should fast on Thursday. If Jupiter is strong in the horoscope, there is an increase in happiness, prosperity, and wealth. For this, mix turmeric in water and offer water to the banana plant every Thursday. You get the desired job even more than this.

To remove Vastu Dosha, wipe the house with salt mixed with water every morning. Doing this remedy also removes Vastu Dosh. Along with this, there is progress in career and business as per your wish.