On hearing the name obesity, everyone's attention goes towards their stomach and everyone starts thinking that if the stomach continues to grow like this, after one age, their stomach will become a pot. Such thoughts come to everyone's mind and it is better to control them in time. On the other hand, people above the age of 50 stop thinking about their stomachs and believe that they cannot be reduced now, but it is not so. Yes, obesity can be removed even after the age of 50 if you make your daily routine balanced. Today in this episode we are going to tell you how obesity can be reduced even after an age.

Cut down on sugar
Too much sugar means too many calories and this directly affects your obesity. There is no nutrition in sweet things at all. To keep the weight under control, first of all, control the habit of eating sweets. No more than 25 grams of sugar should be taken every day. Sugary drinks increase obesity rapidly. Drink fresh fruit juice instead.

Pay attention to food
By paying attention to your appetite and the amount of food you eat, you will be fit both physically and mentally. The effect of maintaining this habit for a long time is also visible in weight. People who learn to strike a balance between their hunger and the amount of food they eat enjoy the food and their weight does not increase.

Do strength training
According to health experts, people after 50 should include strength training in bodyweight exercises. This causes less damage to the muscles and does not reduce the metabolic rate. According to the American Heart Association, people should do strength training twice a week.