To provide physical and mental strength to our body, many types of nutrients are included in the food. In such a situation, many types of vitamins are also required. Today in this episode we are going to talk about Vitamin 'K' which plays an important role in our bone strength and heart health. It strengthens immunity and is also very important for producing blood cells. In such a situation, Vitamin K is very important for your body. That's why today in this episode, we have brought information about some such foods which are rich in Vitamin K and will work to improve health. Let us know about these diets…

Kiwi is consumed a lot to strengthen immunity. But let us tell you that along with folate, potassium, vitamin K is also available in it. There are about 40 mcg of vitamin K in 100 grams of kiwi.

Green beans
Vitamin K is found in good quantity in green beans. We can use these green beans in many ways. To use it, it can be done by making a vegetable of beans and potatoes, in toast and in soup etc. Beans are easily available in the market. Beans are also helpful in controlling high blood pressure. By consuming them, the bones become strong and the risk of heart-related diseases is reduced.

Apart from being rich in protein, eggs contain essential nutrients and minerals like vitamin K, folate and selenium. Eggs are the ideal food to provide adequate amounts of nutrients required by the body for muscle growth and maintenance of bone strength.