Healthy eating is very important for a healthy body. But that doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want. There is a time to eat everything so that it works to benefit you. Often people do not pay attention to their diet, due to which they have to go through many serious problems. Especially there is a need to pay attention to what should not be eaten on an empty stomach in the morning so that our body remains healthy. If you want to be healthy, then there are certain foods that should be avoided in the morning as they are the reason behind gas, acidity and other stomach problems. Today we are going to tell you about some such diet.

There are many benefits of eating raw tomatoes but eating raw tomatoes on an empty stomach can be harmful. The acidity present in tomato reacts with the gastrointestinal acid present in the stomach to form a gel which causes problems like abdominal pain, and cramps. Eating tomatoes on an empty stomach also increases the risk of stone formation.

Salad is eaten with food. It is also very beneficial for health. However, consuming salad on an empty stomach can also have negative effects on health. Because, cucumber and onion salad has a high amount of fibre, which can lead to acidity problems.

Spice food
Consuming food full of spices and chillies on an empty stomach should be avoided. Eating this type of diet on an empty stomach in the morning can lead to heartburn, gas and acidity, which can spoil your whole day. Actually, this type of food causes a lot of irritation in the lining of the stomach. Also it can be the cause of cramps. It is these foods that can trigger your problem.