Signs of Heart Attack: Whenever someone gets a heart attack, before that the body starts giving signals in 5 ways. We should not ignore those signs even by mistake, otherwise, there can be a big loss.

Heart Attack Symptoms: Until 15-20 years ago, heart attack was considered a disease of people above 50 years of age. But now this disease is being seen in every class from 16 years to 100 years. Due to disturbance in food, irregular lifestyle, and not paying attention to physical fitness, this disease can happen to anyone. Doctors tell that whenever someone is about to get a heart attack, before that the body starts signaling through various actions. If we recognize those signs in time, we can save many lives. Let us know what those signs are.

Neck and jaw pain

According to doctors, when a person starts having heart attack symptoms, then the pain starts in his jaw and neck. The reason for this is the obstruction in the blood supply, which is due to the heart not working properly. One should never make the mistake of ignoring this situation. Doing this can also lead to death.

Feeling tired for no reason

When one's heart starts feeling the problem working properly (Signs of Heart Attack), then there is not enough supply of blood and oxygen in the rest of the body. Due to this, a person starts feeling tired while walking and has difficulty in breathing. If this problem persists then you should contact the doctor without delay. This can be a symptom of a heart attack.

Tightness around the chest

According to medical experts, before a heart attack, there is tightness around the chest and chest pain. This pain persists gradually. The reason for this is that there is a decrease in the blood flow from the heart. This pain is called Angina. Due to this pressure, cramps and pain start in the nipple. In such cases, a doctor should be contacted without delay.

Tingling feet while walking

A common symptom before a heart attack is the condition of numbness in the feet (Heart Attack Symptoms). This sensation intensifies when you move with your feet and subsides when you stop. According to doctors, when cholesterol starts accumulating in the arteries of the blood, it affects the blood supply. Due to which tingling starts in the feet.

Frequent bouts of vomiting

People who have heart disease, have the problem of nausea (Signs of Heart Attack). All the time he feels chest pain and feels like vomiting. This problem is seen more in women. However, sometimes this problem also occurs due to disturbances in the digestive system. But it should never be ignored, otherwise, there may be trouble.

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