How To Remove Earwax: The ear is a very important part of our body, if there is a problem with it, then the world starts to feel deserted, so precautions are necessary while cleaning the ear.

Earwax Removing Mistakes: We must have often found that earwax gets accumulated many times and there are problems with hearing. To get rid of this problem, we clean the ear, but if some things are not taken care of, then this special part of our body can be severely damaged. Making ear wax is a normal process, it is actually for the protection of our eardrum, but if it accumulates too much then there are problems in hearing. Let us know what mistakes people often make while cleaning their ears.

Don't make such a mistake while cleaning the ears

1. Using cotton swabs is dangerous

Many people use cotton swabs indiscriminately, but this is not the right way to clean the ears. Due to this, Earwax is pushed inwards, due to which there is a danger of the eardrum bursting.

2. Don't put these things in the ear

Many people use things like toothpicks, safety pins, keys, and hair clips to clean their ears, due to which there is a risk of injury or bleeding in the ears. In this, eardrums are damaged and you can also become deaf.

3. Avoid ear candling

Ear candling is becoming very popular nowadays in the era of social media, but most otolaryngologists do not consider it as effective. Also, this method is not free from danger, because it can burn the face, hair, outer ear, and inner ear.

What to do to clean the ears?

You shouldn't clean the ear yourself, but take the help of Otolaryngologists. If there is a compulsion to clean it by yourself, soften the earwax by putting a few drops of glycerin, mineral oil, or mustard oil in your ears and then clean it with the help of soft tissue.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Must take medical advice before adopting it. Kalamtimes does not confirm it.)