Health Tips: Many of us like to drink tea. Some people's day does not start without a cup of tea. For tea lovers, a cup of tea works to improve their mood. People enjoy many delicious snacks with a cup of hot tea. But do you know that eating some things with tea can harm your health? Forgetting these things should not be eaten with tea. Because of this many health-related problems may have to be faced. These include bloating, constipation, indigestion and skin problems, etc. Let us know which are the things that should not be eaten with tea.

Gram flour
Besan pakoras and namkeen are served with tea from Atmaur. But due to this, there may be problems with digestion. You may have acidity after eating this.

One should avoid eating such things with tea which is made of turmeric. Because of this, stomach problems like gas, acidity and constipation can occur. The combination of turmeric and tea leaves is not at all good for health.

Cold foods
Avoid eating anything cold with hot tea. A combination of cold and hot is very harmful to health. Because of this, there can be a problem of indigestion. It obstructs the digestion process. Because of this, you may feel nausea and restlessness. Eat something cold after a few hours of drinking hot tea.

Green vegetables
Avoid eating green vegetables with hot tea. This combination inhibits the absorption of iron in the body. Tea contains an element called tannin and oxalate. It prevents the absorption of iron.

Many people drink tea with lemon to stay fit. But doing so can also harm your health. Lemon contains citrus. Lemon tea can also cause inflammation in the body. Due to this, the problem of bloating may have to be faced.