How To Make Naturally Black Hair: Premature greying of hair is a common problem. Bad diet and deteriorating lifestyle nowadays are making people old prematurely. The problem of white hair is troubling from men to women. White hair makes you appear old before your age. People use different types of chemical-based colours to colour grey hair, whose effect lasts only for a few days.

Some people colour their white hair by applying natural mehandi on the hair. Applying henna on white hair does not show the natural colour of the hair and also does not look good. If you are also troubled by white hair, then adopt ayurvedic home remedies. These remedies stop the greying of hair by scientific methods and turn the colour of hair black.

Ayurvedic expert Nityanand Shree has told in a video that his hair had turned white at an early age but he has turned white hair black by using home remedies. The expert told that he has adopted Ayurvedic methods due to which there is not a single white hair on his head today. Let's know from the expert how to blacken white hair.

According to Ayurvedic expert Nityananda Shree, if a little patience is kept and some hard work is done, even white hair can be turned black. According to experts, diet is very effective for greying hair. He told that his diet was responsible for his grey hair. When his hair turned white, he did not take care of his diet at that time. If you get it, eat it, otherwise, the habit of being hungry makes the hair white. Due to poor diet, the hair becomes prematurely white. Lack of a healthy diet makes hair white.

Follow these methods to make white hair black:
To darken the hair, mix a little almond Rogan in a bowl of curd. If almond oil is not available then sesame oil can also be taken. Massage the hair with the paste prepared by mixing aloe vera pulp and one teaspoon of honey. This paste nourishes hair and removes hair dandruff. By adopting these measures, you too can easily darken your hair.
Consuming Amla in the diet is very effective for blackening the hair. Consuming Amla in the form of chutney in the form of caddy or raw gives benefits to the body.
Consuming one to two spoons of ghee daily for hair benefits hair as well as health. Consumption of ghee makes hair black.
Along with amla, amla oil is also effective in darkening hair. Oil is very effective for blackening hair.
Consuming Ayurvedic shampoos can turn hair black naturally. You can prepare this shampoo at home. To make this shampoo, soak amla and reetha in a pan and apply it on your hair like shampoo in the morning.