Hair Botox: You must have heard about this treatment before. This hair trend came into vogue a few years ago. It is one of the leading hair treatments in the beauty industry. Many celebrities and people are also using it. Consumers have turned their attention from Cysteine to Hair Botox. Surprisingly, like any other botox treatment, hair botox has not been criticized. Let us take a detailed look at this trending treatment to know why it is such an extraordinary treatment and what it does for your hair.

Hair botox treatment
Hair Botox is a deep conditioning treatment that coats the hair shaft with filler ie keratin. The treatment fills in breakage and thinning areas of each hair shaft to make hair more voluminous. Hair Botox is a new, trending treatment that has made its way into salons globally, it can be tremendously beneficial for the hair. But it must be done after seeing the quality of your hair.

Hair will become shiny like actresses
Hair botox is designed to replace lost shine and replenish hair with intense hydration, it is a very healthy treatment to the hair, coating the hair, glueing down the cuticle layers, and temporarily replacing the lost cuticle. Hair botox treatment is deep conditioning that works to restore hair to make it look youthful. Similarly, Hair Botox is an anti-ageing treatment which is done to replace the most damaged hair.

Main Ingredients of Hair Botox: Generally, the ingredients are used in the treatment to restore the thickness of your hair.

Vitamin B5 and E

Does botox straighten hair?
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Hair Botox treatment helps in making your hair soft. Also, the product is sealed into the cuticle using a flat iron after application for no more than an hour, it will not completely change the texture of your hair. It can smoothen hair but does not guarantee proper straight hair like other straightening services. If your hair is curly or extremely wavy, it may not show straightening results at all. Hence, if your end goal is well-conditioned and hydrated hair, then Botox is the treatment you should go for.