Do you know how to get the free upgrade? If you get a free upgrade while travelling, then what's the point? The joy of travelling will double when this happens. Whether it is a train or a plane, if someone gets a free upgrade, it is natural to feel good. But have you ever thought that why you do not get such facilities? There are some conditions for getting a free upgrade. In many cases, it depends on the behaviour of the flight staff.

Flight attendant Sierra Mist (@cierra_mistt) shared a few similar hacks on Instagram. She has told that most of the airline staff upgrades well-behaved passengers only. Let us tell you some hacks to get a free upgrade in flight.

Book a back seat on the flight

This is a technical issue. The rear part of the plane is very heavy. This is because more than half of the engine's weight goes behind the wings. At the same time, the luggage compartments also push the weight towards the rear. So if first-class seats are vacant, the flight staff may try to give you a free upgrade. Efforts are made to keep the rear seats largely empty. If the first-class or premium economy is empty, there is a lot of scope for an upgrade to the rear passengers.

Offer some food

Flight attendants and staff take care of your meals and drinks, but it's even better if someone takes care of them. Your good behaviour can provide a good facility.

Your profession can get an upgrade

Nurses, doctors, paramedics, army personnel or people working in aircraft can also get an upgrade through their profession. If you are in the medical field, ask the flight attendant to call you on the plane if needed. Employees try to automatically upgrade people who can help in case of emergency.

The upgrade can be done in a medical emergency

If there's someone who's sick, who's having trouble sitting, who's understandably uncomfortable, they can get an upgrade. If you have a medical issue, ask the flight attendant to get you upgraded.

Other flight-related travel tricks

Sierra is very active on social media and she keeps sharing such videos.

A few days ago, she shared a video on how to carry the check-in bag on a flight. Sierra said that if your bag is only a kilo or two heavy, then do nothing. Carry it in your cabin bag instead of just checking in. The flight staff also knows that these kinds of things happen.

You will have no problem checking in, but only 1-2 kg heavy bags can be taken with you comfortably.


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