Description of 4 Navratri of the year is found in the Hindu religion. One Navratri falls in the month of Chaitra and one Navratri falls in the month of Sharadiya. Both these Navratris are considered very auspicious and fruitful.

Whereas, the other two Navratri are Gupta which falls in the month of Magha and Ashadha. The nine forms of Mata Rani are worshipped in all Navratri, be it secret or visible. Performing rituals during Navratri is also of great importance.

Our astrologer expert DrRadhakant Vats told us in detail about the auspicious time and importance of Gupta Navratri which we are going to share with you today. So let's quickly note down all the details.

Auspicious time of Gupta Navratri

  • This year Gupta Navratri is starting on 22 January 2023, Sunday. Whereas, it will end on 30 January 2023, Monday.
  • Along with this, talking about GhatSthapanaMuhurta, GhatSthapana can be done between 10.4 am January 22 to 10.51 am on January 22.
  • Apart from this, AbhijeetMuhurta will start at 12:17 PM on 22nd January and will continue till 1:00 PM. This Muhurta is also considered auspicious for GhatSthapana.

Significance of Gupta Navratri

  • As such, Gupta Navratri is mainly of Tantriks. Tantriks worship the vengeful form of MaaDurga during Gupta Navratri. But in Gupta Navratri, even the householders can worship in front of the mother.
  • It is believed that the person who worships the mother with reverence in the Gupta Navratras, all the troubles of his life go away. He gets divine achievements.
  • By worshipping the nine forms of Mata Rani or MaaDurga, even the Navagrahas become pacified and shower their blessings. By observing fast on this day, one gets rid of all kinds of problems inside and outside the house.

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