Fruits Combination To Avoid: For good health, we are often advised to eat healthy foods, in which we keep fresh fruits on the priority list. Along with eating it directly, it is also good to drink its juice, but if consumed in the wrong way, even healthy-looking things can harm you. There are many such fruits which should not be eaten together or mixed because by doing so you can become a victim of many diseases, including kidney disease and stomach gas problems.

Do not eat these things together
Guava and Banana

We often like to eat guava and banana after mixing them as a fruit salad, no matter how tasty you find it, but it can be very dangerous in terms of health, it can cause gas, headache and vomiting. Problems like this may arise. That's why eating both fruits only at a gap of a few hours.

Do not mix these fruits in milk
It is advised not to eat many other things mixed with fruits, one of them is milk, but especially mixing orange and pineapple with milk is very bad. This can cause problems of infection, headache and indigestion.

Oranges and carrots
The combination of orange and carrot can also prove to be risky for health, some people like to drink carrot juice mixed with orange juice, it can have a bad effect on the kidney, so do not do it at all.

Papaya and Lemon
Many people like to mix lemon juice with fruits. Both papaya and lemon are good for digestion, but together it becomes a dangerous combination, which can cause an imbalance of haemoglobin in the body and anaemia.