Risk With High Heels: In this era of fashion, women are unable to stop themselves from wearing high heels footwear, due to which they complain of leg cramps and pain.

Foot Cramps Due To High Heels: Nowadays, the complaints of foot cramps have increased a lot in women, in this, pain or cramps start in the muscles of the feet, and the tension in the muscles increases. Some people have this problem for a while, while some have to go through this problem for a long time. The biggest reason for this is high heels footwear also known as stilettos. Wearing it puts a lot of pressure on the bones of the feet (Metatarsal), and they start slipping from their original place. Therefore, as far as possible, you should ignore high heels as they will create problems in the future.

Remedies to Avoid

Foot Cramps Women who wear pencil heels are slightly more prone to foot cramps than others. Many times when you do not take a healthy diet, then this problem starts happening quickly. To avoid this problem caused by high heels, you can take some measures mentioned below.

1. Whenever you feel cramps or pain in the legs, then take off your high heels and sit somewhere. Now move the toes of the feet so that the muscles can be stretched.

2. If you want to avoid foot cramps, then do not wear high heels for a long time, try to have wide stilettos, so that the feet get more comfort.

3. If stilettos are not able to give up the old hobby, then it is better not to wear high heels more than 2 inches high to avoid foot cramps, it will reduce the risk of pain

4. If you have to walk fast or more then avoid wearing high heels at all, prefer sports shoes or casual shoes

.You can change the footwear every day to avoid foot cramps. With this, your hobby will also be fulfilled and due to wearing high heels daily, the problem will not increase.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Before adopting it, take medical advice. Kalamtimes does not confirm this.)