The benefits of yoga on our overall health are very widely known. But, did you know that it is also linked to your reproductive health? Yes, yoga can help boost fertility, making it easier for women to conceive. There is no definitive research proving this fact, but experts say that asanas (which specifically focus on our sacral chakra area) can help boost fertility. Today we will learn about the relationship between yoga and fertility.

The Link Between Yoga and Fertility
Experts say that there is no direct relation between yoga and fertility. However, according to some studies, it is beneficial for those who are trying to conceive. Below is a list of reasons why people who are trying to conceive should practice yoga asanas. Stress is very harmful to women's health and especially to fertility health. This can hinder their ability to conceive. Yoga helps in relieving stress and increases the chances of getting pregnant.

Research clearly shows that women who have more biomarkers for stress in their saliva during the ovulation phase are less likely to conceive while women with fewer biomarkers for stress are more likely to conceive. Is. Stress increases the level of cortisol in the body and studies also show that women with high levels of cortisol may have a higher risk of miscarriage. It can be concluded that even if there is no direct connection, yoga can solve many of these problems.

How Yoga Boosts Fertility
Reduces stress, depression, and anxiety
Balances hormones
Supports sperm production
Increases the success rate of IVF or other assisted reproductive Technology to conceive a child.