Ayurvedic Remedy For Eye Flu: During the rainy season, people are at risk of spreading many types of infectious diseases. Dengue, Malaria is the first among these. But this time most people are falling prey to eye flu. Eye flu means eye infection, conjunctivitis, redness of the eyes, irritation in the eyes, dryness of the eyes, and problems like itching.

The cases of eye flu are increasing rapidly across the country. In such a situation, people are taking medicines by contacting the doctor, as well as turning to some hospitals. But apart from English medicines and treatment, if we want to avoid this problem, then the help of Ayurveda can also be taken. Some experts say that eye flu can be treated in an Ayurvedic way. With this surefire remedy, the infection spread in the eyes can be eradicated from the root. Let's learn how...

How to treat eye flu in Ayurveda-

If you have got eye flu, then there is no need to run to the doctor from place to place. You can cure it by treating it in Ayurveda and at home. For this, put one spoon of Triphala Churna powder in a glass of water and boil it. Then leave it to boil for a while on low flame. After the light drink gets burnt, take it off the gas and leave it to cool down. Now filter this water with a clean cloth and do an eye wash two to three times a day. Believe me, you will get a lot of relief from this recipe. This is a very effective way to cure eye flu.

How does eye flu spread?

Often people believe that by looking into the eyes of a person who has had eye flu, another person can also get eye flu. But this is not true. Experts say that this is just a misconception. Eye flu never spreads by looking into the eyes of the infected. Rather it can happen by coming in contact with his hands.

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