Dosa Making Tips: Who does not like South Indian food. Many celebrities are often heard saying that they like to eat dosa for breakfast with sambhar and chutney. This is very healthy. Many people try to make their dosa market like but it does not happen. Often when people make dosa on an iron griddle, it sticks. This spoils the griddle as well as spoils the taste of the dosa. We have the solution to this problem of the people. Actually, in today's news, we are telling you some such tips, by adopting which you can make your dosa crisp like market. For this, you have to take care of only a few things while making dosa.

There should be no dirt on the griddle
If you want to make dosa, then first of all clean the griddle properly. If there is oil or dirt on it, then the dosa will not be made properly. For this, you should clean the griddle properly.

Grease the pan with the help of onion or potato
To make dosa, the griddle should be prepared in advance. For this, cut onion or potato in half. Now you can grease the griddle by dipping half the chopped onion or potato in oil.

Heat the pan and then cool it
If your dosa is sticking continuously, heat the griddle once and then cool it. Now when you make dosa on this griddle, it will become more crispy.

Don't do these mistakes
If you are going to make dosa, do not use its batter immediately after taking it out of the fridge. Take it out some time before making dosa and make it normal.

While preparing the dosa batter, keep in mind that too much water is not added to it. If there is more water in the batter, then the dosa will start bursting.
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