Diabetes is a disease whose incidence and progression are both harmful to health. Due to poor diet and deteriorating lifestyle, the number of patients with this disease is increasing rapidly. If the symptoms of this disease are identified on time, then the disease can be easily controlled. There is no permanent cure for this disease, only by controlling it, diseases can be prevented.

If diabetes is not controlled, then its increase can cause damage to the heart diseases, kidneys and lungs. To control diabetes, it is most important to control the diet, stay away from stress and keep the body active.

Diabetes patients should consume a diet rich in fibre in the diet. Consuming fibre in the diet slows its digestion and the level of sugar in the blood also increases slowly. To control diabetes, consume millet rice in the diet. According to the news of Healthline, millets are rich in fibre and are also effective in controlling diabetes. Let us know what is millet rice and how it controls blood sugar.

What is millet rice and how does it control diabetes? (What is millet rice and how it controls diabetes)
Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar told that the consumption of millet rich in fibre, protein, healthy fat and essential minerals is very useful for diabetes patients. Millets are called super food because they contain a high amount of nutrients. Millet has a low glycemic index which is ideal for blood sugar patients. It is high in fibre which controls blood sugar. Cholesterol is also controlled by consuming it.

From exotic salads and soups to simple rotis, you can make a variety of dishes with millet. You can increase the nutritional value of millet rice by mixing it with any vegetable. By consuming millet, digestion remains healthy and heart health also remains healthy. It boosts immunity.

Benefits of Millet Rice: (Benefits of Millet Rice)
Fibre-rich millet rice proves to be very effective in controlling blood sugar.
Their glycemic index is very low, which makes it the best diet for sugar patients.
Consuming iron-rich millet helps in treating anaemia.
Consuming millet, which is rich in calcium, manganese, magnesium, zinc, potassium, copper and other such minerals, keeps the bones strong.
Cholesterol control is maintained by consuming it and heart health remains healthy.

How to prepare Millet Rice: (How to prepare Millet Rice)
Have a cup of millet which consists mostly of millet. Wash it well and add 3 cups of water to it and cook on medium heat for half an hour. Cook it till the water dries up completely. You can increase its nutritional and taste by adding vegetables of your choice to it.