There are reports of increasing cases of new variants of Corona in many countries of the world. In many other countries including UK-US and Singapore, the number of patients in hospitals has increased due to Omicron and its sub-variants of Corona. Preliminary studies of these variants have found that the risk of serious disease caused by the new variants is low, although its infectivity rate may be higher, which could lead to a risk of rapid infection growth. All people have been advised to continue taking precautions to protect themselves from these new variants of Corona.

Health experts say, that after the pandemic, the rate of vaccination has increased across the world, most people have developed immunity against corona even through natural infection, which reduces the risk of serious disease in case of infection.

Considering the risks of new variants, vaccines have also been updated, so that the risk of infection can be reduced. Will we all need a booster vaccine again to protect against new variants? Let us know.

70 lakh people got updated vaccines in America
Given the increasing risks of Corona, the updated vaccine has been given to more than 70 lakh people in America so far. Researchers say, updated vaccines may help reduce the infection and its severity caused by new variants. Additional mutations have been observed in the new variants, which help it dodge the immunity already formed in the body. So does everyone need these updated vaccines to protect against corona?

Does everyone need these updated shots?
Experts say that the nature of the new variants is not serious. Who needs these shots depends on your health condition, risk tolerance, time since the last infection, and other factors. The updated vaccine primarily targets the XBB.1.5 variant, although this variant is no longer prevalent and several mutated sub-variants have emerged. Updated vaccines help reduce the effectiveness of mutated variants. However, not everyone needs new booster shots.

Such people may need the updated vaccine
Health experts say, that due to new variants of Corona, the highest risk of infection and serious disease is seen in people with weak immune systems. Some people may die after being given this vaccine.

Generally, people over the age of 65 may need an updated vaccine. Updated vaccines should be given to people suffering from diseases like diabetes. If you are taking medicines that weaken the immune system (such as medicines for rheumatoid arthritis or after an organ transplant) such people should also get a booster vaccine.

What do experts say?
Dr. Michael Mina, an epidemiologist and immunologist at Harvard T.H. Chen, says current vaccines may only be effective in protecting against all infections for about three months. These vaccines help protect immunocompromised people from the risks of infection, although not everyone needs them.

Coronavirus is constantly mutating, so there is always a risk of infection. For protection, it is most important to continue following Covid Appropriate Behavior.

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