Cooking Tips: If we talk about Dahi Bhalla then it is such a dish that everyone likes to eat. But, many times when we try to make it at home, it does not taste like confectioners. In such a situation, in today's news, we will tell you some such tips, with the help of which you will be able to make such Dahi Bhalla at home, which will leave your family members licking their fingers. It is very easy to follow these tips. By following this, you will be able to double the taste of your Dahi Bhalla.

Soak lentils for so many hours
To make Dahi Bhalla, the most important thing is to soak the lentils at the right time. Yes, if its lentils are not soaked for the right time, then it will not swell. This can make your curds very tight. Lentils should be soaked for at least five to six hours.

Do not soak lentils together
Two types of pulses are required to make Bhalla. In this case, urad and moong dal should be soaked separately. Moong dal swells quickly, while urad dal takes more time to melt.

Do not add salt while soaking lentils
Often people add salt while soaking lentils. But, this should not be done. Because of the salt, the dal does not get cooked properly.

Grind pulse separately
If you want to make your Dahi Bhalla soft, then both pulses should be ground separately. Add water little by little while grinding it.