Bitter Gourd Tea Benefits: You must have tried to reduce cholesterol to avoid coronary disease. For this, herbal tea is usually drunk, but have you ever had bitter gourd tea?

Bitter Gourd Tea For High Cholesterol: We take various measures to reduce cholesterol, but have you ever thought that eating bitter gourd can fulfill your wish? Bitter gourd is usually on our list of favorite vegetables, but most of us are aware that it is incredibly beneficial for our health. This is the bitter green vegetable that our elders have been asking us to eat for many years, but we are probably showing indifference till now. It doesn't matter how special the way this vegetable is cooked or how many spices are used to hide the bitter taste of this vegetable, but still we hesitate before eating it.

Bitter gourd is not less than any medicine

Drinking bitter gourd juice gives a lot of health benefits. With the help of this, the internal cleansing of the body gets done, which protects us from many diseases. Although it is so bitter that it is not easy for everyone to drink it. If you want to take advantage of bitter gourd in another way, then prepare a wonderful herbal tea with its help, although this beverage is not so popular, its benefits are tremendous.

How to prepare bitter gourd tea?

Bitter Gourd Tea is a herbal drink made by steeping bitter gourd or dried slices of bitter gourd in water and sold as a medicinal tea. Bitter gourd tea is available in the form of powder or extract. It is also known as Gohya tea and can be easily prepared at home. Unlike bitter gourd juice, bitter gourd tea can be made by using its leaves, fruits, and seeds at the same time.

Cholesterol levels will be reduced

Bitter gourd tea has anti-inflammatory properties, with the help of which the level of bad cholesterol in the blood can be reduced. You can drink this herbal tea twice a day.

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