Many times it happens when you are preparing spicy food in the kitchen and by mistake, your hand touched with chili goes on your eyes, or due to some other reason the spice comes into your eyes, then there is a burning sensation. In such a situation, any person can get very upset, because then the eyes become red and then water starts coming out of them. But if this happens in the future then do not panic at all. Irritation in the eyes can be easily removed through some home remedies.

What to do if chilly hits your eyes?
Wash off with cold water.

Whenever such a situation arises, first run towards the wash basin, and wash it thoroughly with hand soap or hand wash liquid mixed with spices. Now splash cold water in your eyes. By doing this, there is quick relief from the burning sensation, and the spice applied in the eyes is also washed away.

Blow with cloth
Sometimes the burning sensation in the eyes is very strong, in such a situation, just washing with water is not enough. Heat a cotton cloth or a clean towel by blowing it and then apply it on the affected area. By repeating this process again and again, the burning sensation will go away.

Wash with milk
The help of milk can be taken to remove the burning sensation caused by chili powder in the eyes. You take cotton balls and dip them in milk, then apply them to the eyes. Keep repeating this process many times. At last wash the eyes with clean water.

Take help of ghee
Eye irritation can also be easily removed with the help of desi. For this, first, apply a few drops of ghee and cold water to a piece of cotton and keep it on the affected eyes for a while. You will get relief from this problem soon.