Some places in India are very mysterious. Especially many things are heard related to the rivers and lakes of different states. Lonar Lake in Maharashtra is also a mysterious lake. There is a story about this lake that mysteriously changed its colour overnight and turned pink. Come let's know 5 mysterious things about this lake.

Know about Lonar Lake

Lonar Lake is also known as Lonar Crater. There are many mysteries behind the formation of this lake. It is also said that between 35,000 to 50,000 years ago this lake was formed by the fall of a huge meteorite. Let us inform you that this lake has also been mentioned in Puranic books like SkandaPurana and Padma Purana.

There are many secrets from the lake

It is said that there are many legends about the lake. There was a demon named Lonasur who was killed by Lord Vishnu. His blood had got on the toe of the Lord's foot, to remove which when the Lord put his thumb inside the soil, a deep pit was formed there.

No one goes into the lake

Hearing about the secrets of this lake, many people reach to see it, but no one goes inside the lake. From time to time, attempts have also been made to solve the mysteries related to the lake, to which no answer has been revealed to date.

Why was the colour of the lake pink

The water of Lonar Lake turned pink after 2 weeks. Speaking to Hindustan, microbiologist and director of the Pune-based Agarkar Research Institute, Prashant Dhakefalkar says, “The water bodies start changing colour even when there is an increase in the salinity of an already brackish lake.”

Many temples are built near the lake

Mountains and temples are built around this lake. There is also a Shiva temple in the list of these temples which is quite famous.

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