Whether you live in rural areas or urban areas, it does not matter because people living everywhere get the benefits of the schemes run by the government. These include schemes like pension, insurance, housing, education, and employment, besides many other schemes. In this episode, free and cheap ration is also given to the people by the government and all this happens through the ration card. Ration cards are made for the needy and poor people living in the cities and rural areas. At the same time, many times the list of ration cards is updated from time to time by the government. In such a situation, it may happen that due to some reason, your name may be cut off from the ration card. So you can check it from time to time. So let us know how you can check that the name of any member of your household has not been struck off from the ration card. You can learn about this in the next slides...

In this way, you can check whether the name is cut or not:-
Step 1

If you are also a ration card holder and you want to check whether your name or any member of your household has been struck off from the ration card.
For this, you have to go to its official website nfsa.gov.in/Default.aspx

Step 2
After visiting the website, you have to choose the option of a ration card
Then you have to click on the option 'Ration Card Details On State Portals'
Then select your state where your ration card is

Step 3
After this, you have to choose your district and then also choose your block.
Then you also have to choose your panchayat
Now you also have to tell the name of your ration shopkeeper and the type of ration card.

Step 4
Then a list will appear in front of you
This list contains the names of the ration card holders
Now you have to search for the name of your family member here
Then if the searched name is not in the list, it means that it has been cut off from the ration card.
Because of this, that person will not be able to get the benefit of ration. However, you can get your name added again.

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