Not only in India, camphor is used for worship, Yagya, and Havan all over the world, it purifies the environment and also benefits health. Camphor can be very useful for the human body as it has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic, and anti-conjunctival properties. Let us know how we can do home remedies with the help of camphor.

10 benefits of camphor
1. In case of cold, cough, cold, and lung disease, tie camphor wrapped in a handkerchief and smell it continuously, it will work to provide relief.

2. Put a few drops of camphor oil in boiling water and try to smell the steam by wrapping a towel on your head.

3. Camphor can prove to be a panacea for you in case of headache, for this, mix camphor and lemon juice and apply it on the head, by doing this you will get a lot of relief.

4. If your heels are cracked, then take out hot water in a tub and mix camphor in it, if you keep your feet immersed in it for about 15 minutes, then the heels will be cured.

5. When dandruff increases in the hair, mix camphor with coconut oil and apply it to the hair and massage it slowly. By doing this for a few days, dandruff will disappear.

6. Camphor can also be used to remove ringworm, itching, and itching. You can grind camphor and apply it on the affected areas, it will give relief to the skin.

7. Sometimes you suddenly start having a toothache, in such a situation, press camphor with your teeth, and the pain will go away within a short time.

8. When the terror of mosquitoes increases, we often resort to insecticides, if you burn camphor in the room, you will get rid of mosquitoes without harming human health.

9. If there is any kind of stain on the skin due to burn and injury, then mix camphor in water and apply it on the skin for a few weeks.

10. Those people who do not get good sleep at night, should apply a mixture of desi ghee and camphor on their soles and massage them before going to bed.